A year in love

On 18th June 2016 I sat at the bar of a wonderful steak restaurant in my town, ordered myself a cocktail and took a big sip through the straw hoping the hint of rum would calm my nerves. The mirrored wall opposite meant I couldn’t stop fixing my hair and adjusting my carefully picked out black dress so my boobs looked particularly boosted. The bartender asked me if I had a back-up plan in case my dinner goes horribly wrong. I had been swept away in the excitement of getting ready I hadn’t even thought about it going badly. My date was already 15 minutes late and now the fear that I could even be stood up was imminent. Just as my anxiety was about to rear its ugly head, in walks Michael. We had been speaking for a month or so over messages and phone calls and we had been waiting for the first time we would meet ever since. He was even cuter than his photos and he looked so smart in his shirt and jumper that my nerves quickly disbanded as soon as he smiled at me.

We sat down over drinks and dinner and didn’t stop talking; in fact the most memorable factor of our dinner was it’s the most I have ever laughed on a date. I had a friend’s 21st birthday party in town afterwards and he bravely agreed to go with me, as soon as we arrived there were my 2 best friends, smashed. They proceeded to tell him way too many embarrassing stories and if I’m honest I have no idea how they didn’t scare him off!

Well it’s coming up to the year anniversary of our first date and we have ‘officially’ been boyfriend and girlfriend for 8 months. Since meeting we have yet to go a day without talking, we’ve been practically inseparable seeing each other almost every day, become a part of each other’s families and friendship groups and now I wouldn’t be without him.

It is safe to say I have had the best year of my life with him and I am shocked by how much we have managed to fit in. One of my favourite things about him is he is always up for doing something and we like to stay busy. We first got together in summer so we threw ourselves into different activities in the sun; his local village fair was where I met some of his best friends for the first time, he took me to my first rave which was an

outdoor event in my hometown where I met the rest of ‘the boys’, footgolf, family BBQs, an outdoor cinema to see the rocky horror picture show, a day trip to the zoo and so many dinners out that my mum was convinced he was a feeder!

Hyde park
Hyde park

I also treated him to his first time being taken on date (that he didn’t plan or pay for) with a day out in London; we went to the London dungeons, had a picnic and went on the boats in Hyde park and then for cocktails and dinner. Potentially one of my favourite days together.

As the days got shorter and colder we were limited to what we could do, it didn’t stop us staying busy; we went on a fair few nights out with all of our friends for birthday’s, Halloween and just because, a hotel weekend away and as always continued to eat too much food. He soon saw my over enthusiasm for Christmas and we treated ourselves to a Christmas day trip to London where we went shopping at Westfield, visited a Christmas market and went ice skating at the Tower of London, which was particularly picturesque, before I fell asleep on him on the train home.

ice skating at the tower of london
Ice skating at the Tower of London

We had our own Christmas day together a few days before the 25th where his mum cooked a full roast dinner, including crackers and Michael Buble music, and we exchanged the assortment of presents we got each other and mutually agreed how spoilt we both were. Our first new year’s eve was rather relaxed as we went out for a couple of drinks with some friends for the sake of not just sitting at home and had our first new year’s eve kiss in a kebab shop with a mouth full of pizza and we quickly went home for an early night in preparation for the next day. Our new year’s day was our new year’s eve as a group of us headed into London for a night of raving and begrudgingly fell into our beds at 8am the next morning.

After over indulging over the last 6 months we had spent together and particularly at Christmas, we both decided to join the gym, we are still going and have both made loads of progress. Mike may be slightly obsessed now but there’s not a lot I would prefer him to be obsessed with (except maybe me). Even though we only do the odd legs and ab session together when we’re in there, it makes it so much easier to motivate myself to go if he is going already.

My mum had surprised us both at Christmas with a long weekend stay in Amsterdam, somewhere I had been desperate to visit and set off on our first trip abroad together in February. There’s something special about being in a different country and I have always loved travelling the world and have many more plans to do so in the future, the only thing that can top it is travelling with the person you love. We crammed so much into 3 days and 2 nights, we visited a marijuana and hemp museum and the Anne Frank house which was my favourite part of the trip.

Me and Mike in Amsterdam Square
Me and Mike in Amsterdam Square

We went out for a fair few meals and included one as our Valentine’s Day celebrations as it was near the day and we wanted to save all of our money for the break. We went walking all over the city centre, saw the red light district and visited loads of coffee shops. I love the place and definitely plan on visiting again and again particularly in some warmer weather. I especially can’t wait to go on my next adventure with Michael and we plan on going on our summer holiday to Spain in August with our best friends who are also a couple.

Due to some financial struggles for a couple of months from me changing jobs and one thing after another coming up that required our wallets reigned in our spending a bit. But honestly I could be watching paint dry and if Michael was there I would still be having a good time. Sometimes all I want to do is slump in some trackies on the sofa and watch TV with him all day; I’m easily pleased if he is in my company.

He works very hard in an attempt to give himself a good future and his pay check may suffer at the moment so by the time his birthday came around in May I wanted to truly spoil him. I brought him so many presents including a set of dumbbells, some new Nike Airmax, clothes and the only thing he actually asked for – some electronic food scales. I prepared his favourite breakfast of scrambled eggs and salmon, although my scrambled eggs were pretty shit, and filled the living room with balloons, buntin, all of his presents and cards.

Mike's birthday
Mike’s birthday morning

We went into town and he spent some birthday money and then went to the gym and did a hard core leg session before I took him out for dinner to his favourite restaurant Wagamamas and met some friends for a couple of drinks before a relatively early night ahead of our celebrations the next day. I took us and 6 friend’s paintballing and it was an amazing day, particularly where we got to fire at Mike as he did the ‘birthday run’ unarmed. Finally we headed out that evening with some of the boys for far too many drinks and a lot of dancing, he ended the night rather drunk in my bed but still said thank you for an amazing birthday.

And now here we are, a year on with our anniversary meal booked for the same day at the same restaurant to celebrate. Like I said I have had the best year of my life with the boy, not just because of the things we have done together but all the time we have spent together regardless of the activity, all the times he has made me smile and laugh and how he makes me a generally happier person. He’s my best friend and I truly hope that we will go back to that restaurant on 18th June for many years to come.

Thanks for reading,

Becky x


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