A dress for every occasion

Growing up I was a tomboy plain and simple. I was on the school football team playing with the boy’s, I would hate if my mum tried to put me in a dress and loved to sport the full England football strip during the summer. It was probably through this that I often found it easier to get on with boys than girls and have often been referred to as “one of the lads” on several occasions by my guy friends. I’m not sure at what point things started to change but I’m sure it would come as a surprise to 8 year old Becky that I now have a separate wardrobe just for dresses and a plethora of girly products and make-up.

Don’t get me wrong I still often model a skinny jeans, trainers and t-shirt look but as my best friend often says I am “a girl who can do both” as I love to get all dolled up in a dress and heels for any occasion I see fit. Moving house this December may have brought light onto why this is becoming a problem for me. The new shoe rack I ordered for my new room to proudly display my collection is now full and overflowing and my new built in wardrobe is not big enough and I have had to take over my brothers whilst he is away at uni.

My name is Becky Davies, and I have a shopping addiction.

The other day I was talking to my mum about what kind or dress I want for my 20th birthday celebrations at the end of the month and after she told me to “wear the one your wore for your 18th” my reaction was that of someone who had just heard their mother would vote for Donald Trump, a mixture of both shock and disgust. I have a problem I know. The thing is with dresses is I tend to wear one for an occasion and then associate that dress with the event and it becomes a memory that I decide not to tamper with by just buying a new dress. Of course I have double or triple dipped in a few classic pieces and my everyday clothing gets re worn all the time, I don’t tend to be wasteful, I just love buying new clothes! I earn the money I spend myself and it’s after all of my bills are paid for so it’s not a problem as such (with the exception of the wardrobe space issue), but I do understand it can be a bit ridiculous at times. I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon though.

I guess I thought it might be pretty fun to create a look book blog post of some of my favourite outfits and their occasions, so here you are:

18th birthday dress
18th birthday dress
Decorus event / Jim’s birthday













Christmas 2015 / night out on the town dress
19th birthday dress












Decorus event / Jack’s birthday
My best friends leaving do dress







Valentine’s day 2017 dress








At the end of the day, sometimes I need to give myself a smokey eye, curl my hair and put on a killer pair of heels for a bit of a confidence boost. But it’s the memories I make on the dance floor or at the dinner table that make me happy.

Thanks for reading,

Becky x


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