Turning 20

Reaching 20

Ever since I can remember I have always loved my birthday. Not shy of a bit of attention here and there I loved the idea of a day dedicated to celebrating my life! Presents, cake, parties, what’s not to like? On 28th June this year I will be turning the ripe old age of 20.

My 18th birthday BBQ

A few weeks ago I asked my parent’s what we were doing for my birthday, which usually involves a family BBQ at our house on the nearest weekend, as my older brother’s birthday is the day after mine we usually have a joint celebration. A tradition I love because it includes a lot of my favourite things; family, food and sun. To my disappointment I was told we weren’t going to do anything this year as it “wasn’t a significant enough age” and we were having a BBQ a few weekends before for my Grandma’s 70th. Of course I wasn’t happy and took it upon myself to make my own plans and now have a night out, a surprise afternoon out with my boyfriend, a family dinner and a rave planned. Told you I loved my birthday.

Regardless of being told it wasn’t a significant birthday, I have to disagree. I will no longer be a teenager, my adolescence has rapidly come to an end and will been taken from me at the stroke of midnight in 3 weeks’ time. I have spent 90% of my life wishing to be older that now I am nearing adulthood I realised my younger years were not something to wish away. Knowing that I am now half way to 40 is a pretty scary thought as well. My life since finishing school has flown by in fact and I am starting to see how short life really is (without sounding too cheesy).

4 years ago when I was turning 16 I am certainly not where I expected to be. I had just finished my 5 years from hell at school and was excited to start sixth form. I had the same friends I had for 7 years and was ready to do my A-levels in preparation for university. Here I am now, having failed my first year of college, have a completely new set of friends and with no plans to attend university. But I am not disheartened by this; in fact I am happier than I have ever been before. In these 4 years I have achieved a Level 3 diploma in digital marketing and social media and have worked in a various different jobs, settled now as a marketing coordinator in my favourite position so far. I am particularly proud of where I am in my career as I struggled with knowing what I wanted to do with my life since leaving school, but perhaps that is a discussion for another day. I have found some incredible friends that love and except me and the person I have become, who make me laugh more than anyone else and have had the pleasure of sharing some of my best and craziest memories with. I have developed the relationships I have with my family members, potentially due to getting out of my moody teenage phase and unlike 4 years ago I am perfectly happy with living at home and am in no rush to move out until I am in a better financial positon. I have learnt to drive, been on my first holiday away from my family and I have fallen completely, head over heels in love.

I’m excited to enter what is apparently the best years of your life. Not held back by the restraints of young age and knowing full well how much can happen in 10 years. Being me I have my life all planned out, this is only a rough draft however as you can never be sure what life is going to throw at you. But there are plenty of things I wish to accomplish by the time I am 30. I want to travel so much more of the world, work towards my CIM level 4 and level 6 and progress in my career, buy a house, get married and start a family and at some point be surprised with a puppy of my own. But my main goal is to stay happy.

So here’s to my 20’s, let’s hope they are special as I expect them to be.

turning 20

Thanks for reading,

Becky x


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