Getting to know me

I figured I would allow you to delve a little deeper into the world of Rebecca Davies by creating a getting to know me blog.


How I coped with my best friend leaving

Since birth I have been somewhat used to the nomadic lifestyle due to having both a dad and step dad in the British Army. I thought my ties with the army were over, that was until my best friend told me his dad was being re-stationed.

A dress for every occasion

Growing up I was a tomboy plain and simple. I’m sure it would come as a surprise to 8 year old Becky that I now have a separate wardrobe just for dresses and a plethora of girly products and make-up.

Turning 20

Ever since I can remember I have always loved my birthday. On 28th June this year I will be turning the ripe old age of 20.

My Septorhinoplasty Experience

I decided to write this piece for those who may be preparing for a Septorhinoplasty and want to know what to expect. If you aren't going through this it may be pretty boring i'm afraid.

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